NFC West Standings
Rams 0-0
Seahawks 0-0
49ers 0-0
Cardinals 0-0
Preseason Schedule
W1 @ Minnesota
W2 vs San Diego
W3 @ Oakland
W4 vs Kansas City
Regular Season Schedule
W1 vs Panthers
W2 vs 49ers
W3 @ Buccaneers
W4 @ Cowboys
W5 vs Cardinals
W6 @ Ravens
W7 @ Seahawks
W8 Browns
W10 @ Saints
W11 @ 49ers
W12 vs Seahawks
W13 vs Falcons
W14 @ Bengals
W15 vs Packers
W16 vs Steelers
W17 @ Cardinals
Rams Draft
R1 - Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
R2 - Brian Leonard RB/FB Rutgers
R3 - Jason Hill WR Washinton State
R3 - Jonathan Wade CB Tennessee
R5 - Dustin Fry C Clemson
R5 - Clifton Ryans DT Michigan State
R6 - Ken Shackleford OT Georgia
R7 - Keith Jackson DT Arkansas
R7 - Derek Stanley UW Whitewater
Player Of the Month
Adam Carriker

The Rams got their man in the first round of this years draft. Carriker will come in and be an iunstant starter most likely and he will help out on an improving defense.

Breaking Down The Draft - NFC North
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Chicago Bears
Who They Took:
1.(31) TE Greg Olsen, Miami
2.(62) DE Dan Bazuin, Central Michigan
3.(93) RB Garrett Wolfe, Northern Illinois
3.(94) LB Michael Okwo, Stanford
4.(130) OG Josh Beekman, Boston College
5.(167) S Kevin Payne, Louisiana-Monroe
5.(168) CB Corey Graham, New Hampshire
7.(221) CB Trumaine McBride, Mississippi
7.(241) OT Aaron Brant, Iowa St.

Key Team Needs:
1. Defensive back 2. Tight end 3. Linebacker 4. Defensive tackle 5. Offensive line
The Bottom Line:
Greg Olsen was a steal at the 31st overall pick. Many scouts, included me, had him going a lot higher. I actually had him at 16 to Green Bay. He is a special player that wil have a great career ahead of him. With rumors that a DE like Agunleye may get traded to make more playing time for rookie phenom, Mark Anderson, the pick of Bazuin makes some sence. I don't agree with drafting Garrett Wolfe on day one at all. He will battle Adrian Peterson and undrafted rookie Darius Walker for the third down back position. I feel he could have been availible in round five or six. I also htink he may only contirbute in special teams and the Bears don't need help in that area. They tried to add some depth at DB by drafting 2 CBs and a S on day two. Overall, not the best draft.

Detroit Lions
Who They Took:
1.(2) WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech
2.(43) QB Drew Stanton, Michigan St.
2.(58) DE Ikaika Alama-Francis, Hawaii
2.(61) S Gerald Alexander, Boise St.
4.(105) CB A.J. Davis, North Carolina St.
4.(117) OG Manuel Ramirez, Texas Tech
5.(158) LB Johnny Baldwin, Alabama A&M
7.(255) CB Ramzee Robinson, Alabama
Key Team Needs:
1. Defensive end 2. Offensive tackle 3. Cornerback 4. Linebacker 5. Tight end
The Bottom Line:
Calvin Johnson was the best player availible and he was the right pick. Trading Mike Williams and Josh McCown opened up room for drafting a WR and QB in the first two rounds. Stanton may even see himself starting by mid to late season. They did address DE and S in the second round also so day one was pretty productive. I feel A.J. Davis is a good prospect with a bright future. Then there is Mr. Irrelivant, Ramzee Robinson. He actually has a decent chance at making the team. The Lions are improving and actually may compete this season.

Green Bay Packers
Who They Took:
1.(16) DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee
2.(63) RB Brandon Jackson, Nebraska
3.(78) WR James Jones, San Jose St.
3.(89) S Aaron Rouse, Virginia Tech
4.(119) OT Allen Barbre, Missourin Southern St.
5.(157) WR David Clowney, Virginia Tech
6.(191) LB Korey Hall, Boise St.
6.(192) LB Desmond Bishop, California
6.(193) K Mason Crosby, Colorado
7.(228) RB Deshawn Wynn, Florida
7.(243) TE Clark Harris, Rutgers
Key Team Needs:
1. Running back 2. Wide receiver 3. Defensive back 4. Tight end 5. Linebacker
The Botttom Line:
The pick of Harrell in round one was horrid. To me, it didn't make too much sense and it was aweful. I can't see how the Packers had him ranked as the best player availible. THen in round two, they reached for another player in Brandon Jackson. They could have got him in round three or even four. Plus, I think Vernand Morency is a lot better back then people give him credit for. He should and will be the starter this season and in the future. I think their best pick was with Aaron Rouse. He will come in right away and challange Manuel for the starting role. Jones and Clowney can come in and contribute early maybe too, though the Packers have like 10 WRs on the roster already. Crosby could have been taken in round two, but fell into round 6. I actually like the pick of him their. Another problem I saw was Ted Thompson not offering higher then a 5th round pick for Moss. He is Randy Moss! Overall, they didn't do enough to help out Favre. Dissapointing draft for packer fans.

Minnesota Vikings
Who They Took:
1.(7) RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma
2.(44) WR Sidney Rice, South Carolina
3.(72) CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno St.
4.(102) DE Brian Robison, Texas
5.(146) WR Aundrae Allison, East Carolina
6.(176) LB Rufus Alexander, Oklahoma

7.(217) QB Tyler Thigpen, Coastal Carolina
7.(233) WR Chandler Williams, Florida International
Key Team Needs:

1. Quarterback 2. Wide receiver 3. Linebacker 4. Cornerback 5. Running back
The Bottom Line:
The Vikings must really like Tavaris Jackson, because Brady Quinn would've looked good in purple. I don't disagree with the Peterson pick though at all. I never though much of Chester Taylor and I think Peterson may come in and carry the bulk of the role right away. I really like the pick of Sidney Rice. The Vikings need a big play threat as Troy Williamson hasn't proved much yet. Though Rice is a hit or miss becasue of his lack of experience, I think he will do good. I also really like the Marcus McCauley pick in the third round. He could have gone early two, and he can and should contribute early. Aunrea Allison is still developing, but shows a lot of potential. Alexander is a playmaker, but may only see special teams action early. As I posted before, I really like the Viking draft this year, They found talent that will help them out for many years.

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