NFC West Standings
Rams 0-0
Seahawks 0-0
49ers 0-0
Cardinals 0-0
Preseason Schedule
W1 @ Minnesota
W2 vs San Diego
W3 @ Oakland
W4 vs Kansas City
Regular Season Schedule
W1 vs Panthers
W2 vs 49ers
W3 @ Buccaneers
W4 @ Cowboys
W5 vs Cardinals
W6 @ Ravens
W7 @ Seahawks
W8 Browns
W10 @ Saints
W11 @ 49ers
W12 vs Seahawks
W13 vs Falcons
W14 @ Bengals
W15 vs Packers
W16 vs Steelers
W17 @ Cardinals
Rams Draft
R1 - Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
R2 - Brian Leonard RB/FB Rutgers
R3 - Jason Hill WR Washinton State
R3 - Jonathan Wade CB Tennessee
R5 - Dustin Fry C Clemson
R5 - Clifton Ryans DT Michigan State
R6 - Ken Shackleford OT Georgia
R7 - Keith Jackson DT Arkansas
R7 - Derek Stanley UW Whitewater
Player Of the Month
Adam Carriker

The Rams got their man in the first round of this years draft. Carriker will come in and be an iunstant starter most likely and he will help out on an improving defense.

Friday, April 27, 2007
The Readers Mock
(Done by David Cornelius)
Raiders JaMarcus Russell
Lions Calvin Johnson
Browns Brady Quinn
Buccaneers Gaines Adams
Cardinals Joe Thomas
Redskins Alan Branch
Vikings Adrian Peterson
Falcons LaRon Landry
Dolphins Amobi Okoye
Texans Levi Brown
49ers Adam Carriker
Bills Patrick Willis
Rams Jamaal Anderson
Panthers Greg Olsen
Steelers Leon Hall
Packers Marshawn Lynch
Jaguars Reggie Nelson
Bengals Darrelle Revis
Titans Ted Ginn Jr.
Giants Paul Posluzny
Broncos Joe Staley
Cowboys Robert Meachem
Chiefs Dwayne Jarrett
Patriots Lawrence Timmons
Jets Jarvis Moss
Eagles Michael Griffin
Saints David Harris
Patriots Chris Houston
Ravens Justin Blalock
Chargers Dwayne Bowe
Bears Ben Grubbs
Colts Jon Beason

As you can see, he took the safe way out and left off any trades. This could play our smart, but there always are a few trades that may screw up more then one of your picks. Guessing these trades can be difficult. One wrong guess and even more of your picks are wrong.
Obviously, as most people did, David chose JaMarcus Russell to go number one and Calvin Johnson to go two. As you can see by my mock draft, I believe The Buccs will either trade up to get Johnson or draft Joe Thomas, I can't see them looking at Gaines Adams unless a swap is worked out with Detroit. One pick that baffles me is Alan Branch at 6. At the beginning of the offseason, Branch was a major player in the draft, but as workouts and interviews went along, Branch's stock has near plummeted. Some scouts say he won't even fall in the first round.
Having Peterson fall to 7 may not be too much of a reach. If the Vikings keep that pick, which they should, they have to take him. They can't let a playmaker like him slip through.
As far as the rest goes, its pretty much anybodies guess. Most of his picks are highly possible. It will be interesting to see how things turn out come the start of the Draft tomarrow morning.

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Photo Of the Month

Randy McMichael
As the first day of OTA passes, We see newly aquired Rams TE Randy McMichael focused on something. Let's hope he is focused on winning.
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